Maxim The Robot Gameplay Android / iOS

| Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Maxim The Robot Gameplay

The Meca World is in danger!
In a new original 2D platform, we introduce you to the game Maxim, prepare to experience a unique gaming experience!

Travels through the Meca World, Viviti a colorful universe, play many levels and defeat the dwarves and traps to save the beautiful Mixam of Arthix.

Packed gameplay: run, jump, swim, jump, launched suspended on the wire, it flies with the zaina jet, do the swing, driving a wagon and ventured into many other things!

Main features:

- Play over 70 levels
- Uniform combination of 2D and 3D graphics
- Unlock new characters with unique features and exploits their special powers
- Upgrade each of your characters and customize them
- Become the fastest to win the gold medals!
- Challenge your friends to race and be the number one in the charts
- Destroy all enemies, collect all the sprockets 3 and find the secrets of the coins in each level X
- Make your new bestiary defeating enemies!

Enjoy a little 'well-deserved time at the Tiki Bar, watch videos and earn bonuses other gems by completing all objectives.

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